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Required RSS channel and item elements

xml version<?xml version="1.0" ?>The version element defines the XML standard versionRequired
rss version<rss version="2.0">The version element defines the RSS standard versionRequired
channel<channel>The Channel element contains info about the RSS contentsRequired
channel title<title>RSS Feed Validator -</title>Title of the channelRequired
<link></link>Website URLRequired
channel description<description>RSS Atom Feed Reader Online</description>Channel descriptionRequired
channel category<category>My website category</category>One or more channel categoriesOptional
<copyright>2018 All rights reserved.</copyright>Copyright channel noticeOptional
channel language<language>en-us</language>The language element is used to specify the language used to write your RSS documentOptional
channel image<image>Channel ImageOptional
channel image url<url></url>Channel image url: JPG, GIF or PNG fileOptional
<link></link>Link to the website main pageOptional
item<item>The contents of the item element define article in the RSS feedRequired
item title<title>My Item Title</title>Title of the itemRequired
<link></link>Link to the itemRequired
item description<description>My item description</description>Item descriptionRequired