Monday 24th of February 2020 05:45:12 PM

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Trump turns his stable genius on auto industry - Venders

If you follow the inexhaustible torrent of bilious braggadocio that is Donald Trump's Twitter feed — and honestly, what serious student of abnormal psychology can look away? — then you know that the incumbent president would be way better at running...

Posted on 24 August 2019 | 3:49 pm

How Venezuela has gone from riches to rags - Venders

Venezuela has gone from being one of the world's richest countries to one of its biggest economic basket cases. A staggering 90% of the population is now living below the poverty line and hunger is worryingly widespread in the once prosperous nation. As opposition leader...

Posted on 24 August 2019 | 6:07 am

Mattel, Hasbro surge after US delays tariffs on China-made toys - Venders

Shares of major toy makers Mattel and Hasbro rose on Tuesday after the United States Trade Representative announced it was delaying proposed tariffs that would have applied to toys. Mattel shares rose 4.64%, while Hasbro climbed 2.75%. Hasbro, which has a market...

Posted on 24 August 2019 | 5:53 am

Tomi Lahren now has an athleisure line - Venders

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren has released an athleisure line in partnership with Alexo Athletica , an activewear brand that specializes in pants with reinforced pockets for carrying firearms. Lahren announced her brand collaboration on Instagram Friday morning, adding...

Posted on 24 August 2019 | 5:33 am